Over the years you’ve learned how to perfect your signature makeup style, but you feel that there’s something lacking when you need to look picture perfect. That’s where the makeup artists at Anne K Salon & Spa come in. We offer both expert airbrush and traditional makeup services that will have you looking fresh and fabulous, no matter the occasion. Our talented makeup artists will select a personalized makeup palette that is sure to compliment your facial bone structure, enhance your features, and have you ready to shine during your special event.


30 Min Application$60+
Eyes Only$30+
Strip Lashes$15+
Individual Lashes$35+

Permanent Eyeliner

Top Eyeliner$219+
Bottom Eyeliner$219+
Top & Bottom Eyeliner$349+

Lash Extensions


Classic Lashes

1 extension placed onto 1 natural lash
Full Set (1 1/2 - 2 hours)$159
1 week fill (1-8 days, 30-40min.)$39
2 week fill (9-14 days, 45min.-1hr.)$49
3 week fill (12-21 days, 1hr. 15min.)$59
4 week fill (22-29 days, 1hr. 30min.)$69

Dramatic Lashes

cluster of extensions placed onto natural lash.
Full Set (1 1/2 - 2 hours)$199
1 week fill (1-8 days, 30-45min.)$59
2 week fill (9-14 days, 45min.-1hr.)$69
3 week fill (15-21 days, 1hr. 15min.)$79
4 week fill (22-29 days, 1hr. 30min.)$89